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-black and white tattoos etc.-

Counterparts by Jamie Schultz Photography
Oakland Metro, Aug 11, 2014
Common Vision Tour

Things I Can’t Change - The Story So Far
Anonymous asked: "how are you? :3"

I’m alright thank you for asking! I just got home from my school ball and it was dumb and my feet hurt and I’m so sleepy :c


Turnstile at the Badlands, Syracuse, New York. 5/5/14. Photo by Kate Frese.

Balance and Composure -
Anonymous asked: "hi um im thinking of dying my hair like khloe kardashian w/ the blonde, and i was wondering what colour i should coat over the blonde???? like a pale colour"

that’s your choice. I’m not a large fan of pale colours and I don’t know you or your skin tone so it’s up to you and what you like best and stuff dude.


 pale, glow